Shopify LogoElegant Moments CSV FilesOur goal at Elegant Moments is to provide everything we can to our sellers to be successful in selling Elegant Moments products. The most frequent request we receive is for Shopify files. We've decided to provide our products in the most basic Shopify CSV file format to help you, our customers get a faster start by not having to manually enter products one by one into your Shopify stores. Importing products is useful if you switched to Shopify from another platform or if you want to make many changes to your products or inventory. When importing, Shopify converts the data from the CSV file into products. It is VERY IMPORTANT to note that you must ensure that you backup your product data from Shopify if you have an existing store before importing any new products. We will not be responsible for corruption or loss of your store products. You must follow Shopify's guidance for exporting and importing of products. See Shopify's "Using CSV files" page at to learn or contact your Web Designer, eCommerce Expert, or IT department for assistance if you are not familiar or feel uncomfortable with Shopify's guidance.

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